Coffee is Culture

Here in Basel, we turned an old bank building into a coffeehouse. Borrowed from Italian’s “banco” or “banca,” the meaning of the word “bank” can be interpreted as “bar” or “counter,” referring to the table used by money exchangers. Today, we are still a bank but rather, one where thoughts, discussions and coffee are exchanged across our tables.

We love coffee and from our love, we have created a quality product. Employees at unternehemen mitte are Swiss coffee champions in the Brewers Cup and have been finalists in other disciplines.

Our engagement with coffee exemplifies our understanding of culture:

We get to the bottom of the matter and seek out interaction with the producers of our coffee.

  • Our main coffee blends – mitte espresso and mitte crème – were developed in conjunction with the roaster Henauer Kaffee.
  • We have turned coffee extraction into something to be mastered and we are continually working to improve ourselves.
  • Preparing coffee isn’t simply side work for our service employees but has become its own profession, similar to that of a chef or brewer. All unternehmen mitte employees are trained to reach SCAE Barista Level 1. As a result, approximately 50 certified Baristas work with us – the largest number of qualified “coffee makers” in Switzerland. Many employees have attended additional training courses and travelled to coffee producing countries.
  • Following the completion of international courses, travel to producing countries and successful participation in championship competitions, it was time for us to pass on our knowledge with the founding of a coffee academy.
  • Guests can explore the world of specialty coffees in our Café frühling at Klybeckstr 69 in Kleinbasel (“Little Basel”).

For us, preparing coffee with heart, expertise and precision is an attitude and a self-evident practice. That is our understanding of culture. In this regard, we are both a coffee- and a culture-house.

Coffee-Producing Friends Worldwide