Open Consumption

Open Consumption

He who is not forced to, has the freedom to. We’ve designed our coffeehouse with this principle in mind. As a space for possibilities, with us as hosts to facilitate and keep the space free.


Not must, but can. Drink, slurp, order something at the bar. Not must, but can: In our house, this is not merely a concept but simply a matter of fact. Because everyone knows very well for themselves when they feel like having a coffee and what they would like to do otherwise.

No obligation to consume – something that is typically required in gastronomy – is a model for success which, in everyday life, sometimes requires explanation. Bar service, for example, is the logical consequence of “he who is not forced to, has the freedom to.” When our employees make a round in the coffeehouse to clear dishware, no requests are made for guests to reorder food or drink, as is common practice in gastronomy. We are simply clearing the table for the guest.

“He who is not forced to, has the freedom to” is also the basis of how we communicate. Loud advertising signs, menus on every table – you won’t find these in our house. Those who do decide to order something can venture to the bar where they will find friendly assistance along with an assortment of exquisite products that are well-worth discovering.


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